non-stressful environment
nawmal's app offers a non-stressful creation environment where an individual can take as long as they like to formulate their ideas, compose what to say, and then express themselves.

group of students collaborating on a project
two students using nawmal's software
a student using nawmal's software
student using nawmal's software
video created by a student
video created by a student
video created by a student
animated characters
Benevolent relationship
Communicate as a character
(roleplay, hide, project)
Our technology capitalizes on a general acceptance and affinity with animated characters - gained from watching animated movies and TV shows, and from playing video games. That familiarity generally establishes a benevolent relationship towards these animated characters, typically perceived as “our friends”; non-threatening and non-judgmental.

As such, they offer a way for people that might previously have been uncomfortable or unable to express themselves. An enabling alternative for communication.

Hide behind the persona of a character so as not to feel “exposed” or “judged”, or project into that virtual persona to participate in roleplay activities or create imaginary situations.